October 22, 2011

September 16, 2011- DR MTC

Hola yall!

Everything is ok, im still alive dont worry hah we had a crazy storm wednesday night and it took out our internet so thats why we couldnt email yesterday. But theyre letting us email now so no worries. This last week has been great! Just another of the week at the mtc, I feel like my spanish has increased alot in this last week for some reason. I really need it cause I only have what? a little more than a week here!! ahhhh its so crazy, It came way fast and I couldnt be more ready to leave the mtc but i still feel like a need more time to prepare! 10 hours of class and study a day isnt enough! haha

This last week we didnt get to go to the universidad becasue it was raining gatos y perros! There was a river going down the parking lot during it. But its funny, right after we got done eating dinner it just stopped and was perfectly blue skies, so werid. Last thursday we got to go on a field trip to a historical center and some old churches and stuff it was sweet. My district and district 1 all pilled in two vans, we got to drive down by the coast, the water looked great! except there wasnt any beaches were we saw casue its just rock and corral, and theres alot of industry ships were we were. so im yet to see a legit beach. We went to a musieum and it told about all the history of dominican republic, it was really interesting. I never even knew how much has gone down here before hah

We walked to a huge church and got to go inside, it was way cool looking, but we werent in there long casue there was people that were gathering to have a big mass or something, when we walked in im sure they didnt know who we were but some people were getting pictures with us hah i dont think they knew we arent from there church haha

Yesterday we walked just around the block to take some stuff to the drycleaners, and just in that time walking there i swear i almost saw like 3 people die either getting hit by a car or crashing in to each other hah its the crazyest place, theres no way they even have rules hah there was cars driving on the wrong side of the road and theres alot of people on motorcycles here and they just run red lights and weave the cars, and one guy almost hit us casue he was drving on the side walk hah there was also this guy that had sirens put in to his car to get through traffic and he wasnt even a cop hah people pretty much do whatever they want here.

This afternoon from 12:30 to 4:30 were going on splits with the "real" missonaries!! im kinda nervous cause we dont really even know whats going on yet hah They spit us into 2 groups and my groups going to the west mission. im not sure if we'll be teaching or just knocking doors who knows hah but it should be interesting to finnally see what im really getting my self into haha

Yesterday we had that mistery soup again with chicken and random things in it, it was alot better this time around cause i was in the front of the line so it didnt get the random pieces at the bottom of the bowl haha and we had the fajitas last night that made me sick last week and im not feeling to sick right now so thats good. Elder Williamson got sick last weekend too and funny story, when i woke up last week from the night i was sick, my tongue was black!! and i was freaking out and thought my tongue was gonna fall off or somthing but then it just came off when i washed my mouth out, but i was talking to Williamson and he said his tongue was black when we woke up too haha so weve been trying to figure out what the heck it was from, and it think we came to the conclusion that it was the chewable pepmobismo things cause we both took them before we went to bed. So hopefully thats all it was hah

We got all the latino missonaries this last week too, theres some from here some and some from mexico, theres only about 10 of them, but i was so pumped when they came casue they all like to play fútball so we all set up a big game everyday at gym, its way fun. its hard casue they dont understand english so all you yell is aqui! aqui! aqui! hah

Its good to hear from home! Everyone was all way sad here cause we didnt think we'd get to email this week. Im super pumped to find out where david gets his call! Thats so funny about brad mowing the office haha i can only imagin bagging it! 7 hours is actually pretty fast for bagging it haha yes i see elder williamson, we all get to be good friends here casue theres not alot of us. I also do know elder blotter, hes awesome, me and him play soccer everyday at gym. how does dad know him or his parents or whatever?

Me and the other elder cowley are still trying to figure out where we are related and the ansester sheet i have doesnt go back far enough. so send me like a attachment of how im related to matthew cowley or something so we can figure it out hah

I got the biggest smile on my face when i read that angies ready to have her baby, the new babies name is Charlie hah i think its awesome!! im so excited to come home to a 2 year old charlie hahah Thats sucks that heather and jake had to rip out all there carpet hah funny moe. Thats good you figured out where the package is that you sent me. I was wondering if the mail man just kept it for himself here haha I sent dave that letter last week so mail must leave from here fast but it takes forever from there to here.

Tell everyone HI and i hope everything goes well with dad in alaska! love you all!!! Elder cowley.

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