October 22, 2011

September 22, 2011- DR MTC

Yo family!

Que pasa! Everythings good here, its rainning right now ofcourse. We had our window open in our room just barley and we were listening to the crazy thunder, it was so loud! i swear the ground was shaking. We have gym in an hours so it better be blue skys by then, which knowing here it probably will be hah This week was awesome! We got to go on splits last friday and yesterday. Half of us went to the west mission and the other half went to the east. I got to go to the wesstside! We all pilled in the vans again and meet the missionaries about 20 minutes away at a chapel, i guess its the biggest one here or something. When we pulled up there was all the west missionaries, I got paired up with Elder Stott. Hes from somewhere around provo i guess. I was way glad to get to go with him cause about half the other missionaries didnt speak english! So i lucked out of that. Elder Stott was one of the missionaries that is in the office right now so he had a truck! score! All then other missionaries had to walk to there area or take a taxi hah losers. We hopped in the truck and off to the sketchy roads, we almost hit atleast 20 people/cars hah he was telling me that drivings fun cause you can do whatever you want hah We got to our area and got out and walked about 10 minutes to where we were going to contact. After going up this road and passing a million kids that just got out school, we finaly got to the street. Actually it was an alley that we went up and holy cow. It was such a poor place i couldnt even believe it. there was a nasty stream running down the middle of the alley and chickens running around But up this alley there was sooo many houses! Well they were pretty much rooms, most of the houses were smaller than my room at home hah We contacted there for a while and hit every house up in the alley, I was so happy people could understand me, One lady tho gave me the hand to the face and said she didnt understand me hah

After we did that for a while we visited and few investigators. This one famliy that we talked to was awesome! When we were walking up the alley to get to there house i could here mario music blasting and come to find out that it was in this families house hah right in there front room they had a bunch of xboxs and wii's and like 6 TVs! The family makes there money from kids that come and play. Kids pay like 100 pesos an hour to play on them haha It was the funniest thing to see casue they had a tin roof, a dirt floor and blankets for walls But then they had bunch of xbox 360s, tvs, and computers haha they even had a modem so all the kids could play online hah They were the coolest family tho they were way nice about my spanish and theyd help me when i was talking to them. We taught them about being examples others and told them about how my family is the biggest example to me casue you guys all support me so much. We gave them a little paper to fill out of suggestions for other people to visit and they filled it completely out by the next day! Such a cool family. Yesterday on splits we were in a more rich part of town and people had there own yards and gates around there houses, so we would have to yell SOLUDOS! or BUENAS! from the street and then they would come out hah its funny to see the differents between the people that had nice houses and alot, compaired to the poeple that had small hosues and close to nothing. the poor people are so much more humble people and alot more accepting. But there was still some nice people that we talked to. one house we got to the lady ran away from the door and hid from us hah but her house wasnt very big so we could still hear her, and we were talking to her but she never came out hah alot of the people we talked to yesterday were just maids that we cleaning houses, most the people that owned the houses were working. It was a way fun expirience!

I cant believe I only have 5 more days in the mtc!! ahhh ill be in the field with a new comp and area by this time next week! We have a bunch of stuff were doing tomorrow for preparing to go out so that should be fun.

Im supper bummed david didnt get his call this week! i really want to know where hes going! if he gets it tonight write me tonight. I did get the package you sent, thanks!! all my roommates were jealous.

Everythings going good here! I ripped one of my shirts last week so i had to sew it, it looks legit too hah i also buzzed my hair again today, but i did it by my self! Welp there kicking us off casue were out of time. Im not sure when im emailing next, it depends on when our p day is in the field! so in my be not till next next monday. Its good to hear whats going on at home. IKEA 99 cent breakfast!!

Love ya'll!!!! Elder cowley

P.S. have dad send me some fish! cause we cant eat it here :(

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