October 22, 2011

September 1, 2011- DR MTC

heres some pictues of provo mtc and the temple here.

Hola Fam!!

How are things? Everythings good here! Its really hot here though. its like 90 but its so humid you never stop sweating hah The university was the coolest expirience and to finaly get outside of the temple walls! We just walked to it, it was only about a half mile and when we got there our teachers just said alright have fun.. and left us, so everyone kinda looked at each other and was like what do we do! hah So me and elder Challis just started walking around getting a feel for the real world and of course we stand out casue were the only white people around and elder challis is 6' 6. There so many people there too and theyre all just looking at us reading our name tags trying to figure out what were doing here hah but we were stopped by two kids that were shining shoes and they asked us if we wanted our shoes shined and ofcoursre we didnt know what they were talking about hah after we realized what they, we said no thanks but then we told them who were are and what we do and they were pretty interested and we told them a little about the church and we gave them a pamphlet with the missionaries numbers on it. So id say it was really good for our first contact of our missions hah After that we talked to a few more people for a bit and then we found these two girls and so we aproched them and started telling them who we were and they told us we could sit and talk, so that was a good sign hah and one of the girls carries here bible in her purse and loves to read it. so me and my challis just looked at each other and smiled hah We talked to her and her friend for about an hour and taught them pretty much all we knew in spanish hah then gave them a book of mormon and told them to call the missionaries and they could teach them more. so we were pretty stoked on that! We basically already got a baptizm for the missionaries in this area haha it was a way cool expirience and only got me more excited to get out of the MTC!

So todays lunch... was the weirdest thing ever.. It was a soup with pretty much every piece of a chicken. It had like beans and ham and like random chicken parts in it. I think everyone was way scetched out hah As far as the water, here in the MTC its all purified. unless the power goes out, which it does atleast once or twice a day. but we have a generater here so it comes right back on after it goes off, so its no big deal here.

Tell heather to send me one of those kitties in a package! I miss having a pet hah they told us in a health meeting that we cant pet any dogs or cats.. or have any pets hah it was funny there was wild dogs all over just running around the campas of the university, it was funny to watch them casue they dont look at anyone and they just look like they're on their daily commute to work or something hah

Thats so funny dad is the gospel doctrine teacher, i bet he's way excited! hah And the bronco? hmmm i dont really care what happens to it haha your guys's choice:)

Love you!

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