October 22, 2011

August 25, 2011- He's Arrived in DR!


I made it safely to Dominican Republic MTC! They're giving us a little bit of time to email families and let them know that we have made it. It's so hot here!! Its crazy humid outside. The MTC is right in temple grounds right next to the temple. We get to go to it every thursday, so it should be interesting in spanish. We arrived in DR at like 9:00 last night so we couldn't see anything out the plane window but a bunch of lights hah kind of a bummer. Luckly I got all my bags when we arrived cause about 10 other people are missing a few bags hah. The airports pretty small and we had to fill out all these forms in spanish it was confusing hah When we walked out side to the bus we felt like we were swimming! There was a few nasty stray dogs hanging around the airport too, dont tell heather and jake hah This MTC is pretty sweet, all the workers and dominican so its gonna be good to get used to them hah Our first meal was good. Rice beans and chicken! hah All is well! I will be writing on thrusdays now.

Love you all! Adios!

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