October 22, 2011

August 16, 2011 MTC


I cant believe its already been another week! I cant believe its ive been here 3 week now too, its been going by so fast. I started packing for dominican MTC now too! i got a flight change so now im on the plane with my companion and everyone else, before it was just me and 3 others. Now i leave thursday early morning at 4:00, i think our flights at like 7:10, then we go to chicago, then to miami, then to Dominican! We'll get there about 9:00 pm thursday. so not too bad. hah not much new has been happening here at the provo MTC. Just the same breakfast study lunch class dinner class. thanks for the treats and the scotcheroos and the shoes and more treats!! the shoes fit perfect, all my roomates are jealous. The photo booklet thing its perfect too! It makes me miss everyone tho:(hah

We never got to great the new missionaries on wednesday, but we went and watched and laughed at all of them hah

I took some pictures but i dont think i can hook up my camra to this computer. Haylee and Ryley no i have not tryed the orange juice yet! but my companion did. im not sure what happened... hah Yes im pretty sure I can call from the airport. we have about an hour inbetween each flight. Spanish is coming more and more everyday. Last saturday day we did a thing called TRC and volunteers come to the MTC and we teach them! Some of them are even none members so its kind of intimadating. It was all in spanish too so even harder hah me and my comp can teach the first lesson pretty good now in spanish and weve done the second a few times now too. Its really not that hard here, you just have to go with the follow and your good hah i cant imagine it in dominican tho all our teachers tell us that they speak really fast and lazy down there. they change there R's there L's around and dont say there s's! hah its gonna be crazy.

All is well though! Next time I email you I will be in dominican!! Im ready and excited! the provo mtc gets kinda old... hah

Love you!!!

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