October 22, 2011

August 23, 2011 MTC

Hola familia!

Hows everyone doin! Sounds like your having fun at the cabin and whatnot. Im getting used to the MTC here in the Dominican. The foods way good. but its starting to repeat hah Breakfast is cereal(with no taste.. unless you put brown sugar on it), and then oatmeal, the oatmeals not too bad, mostly depends on the day tho, its always different hah For every meal we have a juice, its called BON. you can see the BON store from the temple, and we have rolls and bananas everymeal too. the banans have alot of flavor! Lunch is pretty much rice beans and chicken and then a random mistery meat hah we never ask what it is cause it'll probably ruin it.. Then dinners always different, i think they try and make us an american meal, like last night we had spagetti but it tasted like beans and rice hah

As far and our daily schedule its pretty much the same. Class study class food gym. Everyone got a new companion when we got here. My comp is Elder Challis, He's from Mesa, and hes like 6 foot 7! He schools everyone in B-ball hah I was kinda bummed when i found our windows are fogged out. I thought we'd have a nice view while we were in class but we dont :( Our class and our room is on the 4th floor. Its a way nice view when we go outside though! You can see the ocean from the temple!

So they never told us about the hurrican till it was basically passing us hah they dont tell us anything cause they dont worry about us in this huge nice building. It didnt get that crazy cause it didnt hit here but that day it was super windy! We were playing soccer and the wind would throw a mad curve on the ball, it was awesome hah

We get to go on our first mission field expirence tommorow. were going up to the university and were going to try and talk to people hah so wish me luck!

Spanish is comin faster here i think cause all the teachers are dominican. None of then really know english so it's hard to understand whats going on most the time hah But theyre way nice and help us out alot.

Today is our P-day so we got to go to the temple today, it was cool to see it. I thought it was gonna be in spanish but they change according to the majority. We got to do baptisms for the dead to. I had to baptism my companion, which was really hard casue hes 6'7 hah but it was all good.

Sound like the cabins gonna be sweet when i get back. About time it got grass.

Heres the address to here for letters and pictures:

SDQ 4102

Elder Michael D Cowley

2250 NW 114th Ave Unit 1A

Miami, FL 33172

And heres the on for packages:


Elder Michael D Cowley

8532 NW 66th St.

Miami, FL 33166

These are both the pouch system thing so you can put U.S. stamps

Heres the international one if you want it, its more expensive cause you cant use U.S. stamps:

Centro de Capacitación Misional

Ave. Bolívar # 825

Esq. Génesis, Los Robles

Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom

Everything is well tho, i think i might be able to survive 23 months here! Its crazy its already been a month! Miss you all! Love you!!

Elder MC

p.s. When you email use the dear elder thing, then i have time to read it cause it comes as a printed off version! Oh and guess what! I got my hair cut today.. or should i say buzzed! yeah i got it buzzed, it sucks hah the guy here who cuts hair doesnt know and english and he just does what he wants so yeah, he just buzzed everyones hair hah BYE!

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