October 22, 2011

August 9, 2011 MTC

Hola familia!

Hows it going! its awesome to hear from everyone and what you guys are doing! Im doing great! Its only getting funner here at the MTC. Spanish is coming more and more every week. were starting to learn how to teach the first discussion in spanish. Its way hard but when your in the middle of teaching someone its crazy how much spanish comes back to you. I found our what day we go down to the D.R. MTC! It was actually a scary story finding out cause there was a roomer going around that it was full and they were only letting a few elders go down. and it is true!! but only for 9 unlucky people hah not including me or any of my district. I guess it was just the kids that are going to the Santo Damingo West! So good thing im going to the East! I wouldnt mind staying here actually casue me and my district are having alot of fun. But I go down the 17th!! I leave the Provo MTC 8:30pm, My flight leaves at 12:55 p.m. so i guess i leave the 18th.hah my flight goes to atlanta then theres a 4 hour layover then we leave from atlanta to DOMREP! I'll arive there at like 2:00 in the afternoon the 19th. so its about 24 hours of traveling:(:( But next time i write you ill be backing up to leave!! crazy!

Thats way funny about the keslers, stupid racoons. Thats awesome about Angie and Brad found a house, you guys will have to send me some pictures of it! Im yet to met the other Elder Cowley but i talked to someone from his district and they said hes related to The famous Matt Cowley too, so i guess were related? right? hah Theres alot of people here so its hard to find anyone, im yet to see Arron Hall yet. Oh so i talked to this kid about the domrep, his uncle went there and he was telling me storys about it and he said that his uncle got mugged 3 times with knifes to his back ha so that should be fun.. oh and he said they just wore their soccer shoes instead of church shoes alot because they would always play soccer with kids everyday on the streets.

Everything is going well here at the MTC, Im loving it and its only gonna get better when i get to the dom!

I miss you everyone! I keep having dreams of being at home:( but i just remember that this is the lords time, and all will be fine!

Love you!!

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