October 22, 2011

August 2, 2011 MTC

Hola Familia!!

Como Estas?! I miss everyone already hah this is so crazy that im here at there MTC! Its such a cool experience to be here with 2600 other missionaries. Its really not that bad here, everyone always talks about how the MTC isn't fun and how its the worst. but really I dont mind it here! Spanish is coming slowly everyday but i can now pray, say a testimony, and speak basic conversations in spanish hah My companions name is Elder hamlton, hes from sarahtoga(?) springs, utah. He snores... but its all good cause he brought ear plugs for everyone in the room. We room with two other elders, Elder Morris and Elder Wood there cool. today me and elder wood play soccer with trash cans and i mini ball in our room today, im sure we werent suppose to be doing that but oh well. As far as getting up at 6:30 it hasnt been to hard, when I say my morning prayer i fall asleep for like another ten minutes hah

Were pretty busy here from when we get up to when we go to bed, everyday is different but we usually start with personal study till breakfast at like 7:30 then class for 3 hours, which hasnt been to bad casue i guess our teacher is on vacation so were suppose to have a sub but we rarely do hah then we have lunch like at 12:00, then gym for 50 minutes and then we learn spanish on computers for like an hour, then class again, but ever other class we teach our investigater. hes a teacher whos acting but he makes it feel completely real. oh by the way did i mention its all in spanish! yeah its crazy, im pretty much reading everything i say off a paper, but i throw down a few lines like Como se siente en cuando a el espiritu santo? hah and he'll answer and i never know what he says, its all good tho cause my compation took spanish in high school so he usually knows a bit of what he says hah. then comes around dinner and then food is actually pretty legit. they have there wrap things you can get that are way good, word on the street is not to drink the orange juice cause it makes you dump your pants haha but then we usually have more study time after that then we hangout in our rooms for like an hour then by then its 10:00 and lights out at 10:30 hah pretty crazy day! but i only have one minute left!

I Love you all! I miss you all! hows daisy?????

Love Elder Cowley

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